Online Exercise Group 

Online Pilates are available as an extra option to in clinic Clinical Pilates sessions.
These classes will be done in the comfort of your own home.  When you book into the session, you will receive a "Zoom" link via email.  You will then need to click on this link to join the class on the day. 
For enquiries:
  • Download "Zoom" app on your device

  • Have your phone or tablet camera pointing at you (so we can see you)

  • Screen mirror or share your screen to your TV (so you can see us)

  • Clear your surroundings, have your equipment near you

  • Have water accessible

  • Pack away your equipment so you don’t trip over it.


​FIRST CLASS FREE [use code: FREECLASS] when you book in online 

Casual Class ....................................... $20

5 Class Package .................................. $90

- Includes $15 credit to use on Physio or Pilates services at Archibald Health Centre

10 Class Package ................................. $180

- includes $30 credit to use on Physio or Pilates services at Archibald Health Centre

Classes are to be prepaid, bookings essential BOOK HERE 

Pilates Mat (50 min)

This class consist of Clinical Pilates based mat work exercise program. You can still have an effective workout on the mat by mimicking the movements performed on reformer or cadillac. If you have a current or old injury, please contact our Physio to discuss your condition prior to starting. 

Stretch & Move (15min) 

This class is designed to get people that are working from home stretching and moving to prevent neck and back pain from developing.


Pregnancy Pilates (40 - 50 min)

This class is designed for pregnant ladies to do Pilates exercises at home, including global strengthening and pelvic floor exercises. 


Mums & Bubs, Mums & Tots (40 - 50mins)

This class is designed for mums to do exercises at home whilst bubs are around. Bubs can do their tummy time, or join mum’s workout as the weight. Mums and Tots will incorporate your busy toddler into the Pilates program.  It is a great way to bond with your child!

Stretch & Balance (50 min)

This class includes gentle stretches, balance exercise, basic upper limb and lower limb strengthening, this class will suit seniors looking for gentle program and to improve strength and balance.

Suggestions & Feedback Welcome, please let us know what you want and we will make it happen!


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