The following policy outlines the privacy practices of Archibald Health Centre in regards to personal information.


1. Privacy. Archibald Health Centre respects the privacy of all clients. The privacy laws regulate how personal information is obtained and handled, from the collection, it’s use and future disclosures as well as how the information is stored and when and how it is disposed. This applies to any and all personal and/or medical information that a client supplies to Archibald Health Centre.

2. Personal Information Collection. Personal information is defined as any information that specifically identifies you or from which your identity can be easily attained. To provide our clients with superior service it is imperative that we collect relevant personal information from you. This includes information given to us regarding appointment setting and payment information, as well as information acquired by our practitioners during the initial consultation and subsequent appointments so that we can provide an accurate assessment of your condition as well as a diagnosis and the proper prescribed treatment.


3. Use and Disclosure of Personal Information. Collecting your personal information is necessary for us to perform our service. Your information will only be used to the extent that it informs our staff and assists them in properly prescribing and carrying out treatment. The collection of your information will allow us to assess, diagnose, prescribe and monitor your treatment and/or ongoing rehabilitation. Therefore asking personal and medical questions are necessary to properly provide our services to the best of our ability. Your information will not be used for any purpose outside of Archibald Health Centre and our treatment of you as a client.


4. Consent and Confidentiality. It is our guarantee that we will treat your personal information responsibly and ethically. You are under no obligation to provide us with any of your information. However, obtaining this information is vital for us to determine proper treatment. Ultimately, the decision is yours.


5. Access to Your Personal Information. You can request access to your personal information at any time. You may also request for us to update any information or change any information that is incorrect. Any request is subject to the permissibility of the law. If for any reason we are unable to provide you with certain requested information, we will provide you with an explanation. We must keep a written copy of your information on file at all times while you are a client. To obtain a copy of your information you can either send us a written request, or contact our office via telephone or online.

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Our goal is to deliver an exceptionally friendly and prompt, professional service providing you with the best in physiotherapy care. Our experience tells us that there are some key areas we need to focus on to ensure that you receive the greatest benefit from our services.


Fees and account

We would appreciate payment at the day of service, HICAPS and EFTPOS facilities are available for automatic claiming through your private health fund. WORKCOVER, TAC and DVA patient accounts will be sent directly to the appropriate body.


Private fee paying - clients can access our health services without a referral.

Medicare Enhanced Primary Care – Clients are eligible for 5 allied health treatments per calender year, speak to your GP to see if you are eligible for this, you will need a GP referral.

Work cover or TAC - Clients who are eligible for Workcover or TAC funding must provide a medical referral for treatment, as part of their claims process. However, there are certain other conditions that must be met before bulk billing can be arranged.

Department of Veterans Affairs - Clients issued with Gold/White cards from the DVA will be eligible for fully subsidised treatment when presenting with an appropriate medical referral, within the previous six months (in accordance with current DVA policy)

Medicare EPC/ Chronic Disease Management Plan

• You are eligible for a Medicare rebate of $53.80 per session, up to 5 visits according to your referral.
• Bulk billing available Monday to Friday 8am-4pm for Physiotherapy appointments, out of pocket fees apply after 4pm and on Saturdays.
• Out of pocket fees apply for Dietetics and Diabetes Education appointments if you DO NOT hold a concession card.
• Exact fees will be quoted at the time of booking.
• If you miss your appointment without prior notice, you will be responsible for the fee for that consultation.

Appointment Scheduling/Missed Appointments

To receive the most out of your care, we ask that you schedule your appointments in advance. . We offer an SMS reminder service but it is your responsibility to keep track of all appointments.

Missed appointments will set you back in your recovery, if an appointment must be changed, 24 hrs notice is appreciated. If you do not attend to your appointment without prior notice to the practice, Archibald Health Centre reserves the right to charge for the full fee of the appointment.