Stop those Winter Kilos!

Nearly half of all Australian adults are expected to pile on the kilos over winter, prompting calls from nutrition experts to reign in fatty takeaways and discretionary foods over the cooler months.

Trim your takeaway to make it healthier with suggestions below:


- Ask for extra salad in your hamburger and skip the bacon, fried onion and stick to one meat pattie.
- Go for small portions of gourmet style pizzas, topped with vegetables, lean meat or seafood and opt for a thin crust.
- Try a jacket potato with creamed corn, baked beans or salad toppings.
- Choose wholegrain sandwiches with lean meat, chicken or egg, and lots of salad.
- Opt for grilled fish with vegetables, or a grilled fish burger with salad.
- Try pasta with a tomato-based sauce (instead of cream-based).



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